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微信英文经典爱情个性签名带翻译1、We just met not to start (我们只是相遇未曾开始)2、Put my name at the top o



  1、We just met not to start (我们只是相遇未曾开始)

  2、Put my name at the top of your list 让我成为你最在乎的人

  3、Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met 将他遗忘好比去了解一个素未谋面的人那样

  4、I thought you had feelings for me. 我以为你会对我有感觉

  5、My world, I know a person is good. 我的世界,我一个人懂就好。

  6、Only the sun can give me warm enough 只有太阳才能够给我足够的温暖

  7、A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself. 朋友就是那些你敢在他们面前做自己的人

  8、幸福的世界里……jest want to tell you……只想让你听到我的声音

  9、2014,每个人都是super man!

  10、I wait for you to come back. 我等你回来


  12、I am waiting for a hug, hug all my uneasiness 我在等一个拥抱,拥抱我所有的不安

  13、英文不太好,只会l love you。

  14、Without you I can also live well every day. 没你我也可以过好每一天。

  15、Your heart I will never touch the city.你的心是我永远触摸不到的城。

  16、We draw further apart, but the same. 我们背道而驰,最后却殊途同归。

  17、I need him like I need the air to breathe. 我需要他就像我需要呼吸空气一样。

  18、There was once a moment,we misunderstood it was a lifetime. 有那么一瞬间,我们误以为是一辈子。

  19、If I change shape, and you forget the time. 若不是我变了摸样,便是你淡忘了时光。

  20、你曾给我的温暖,任何一个人都将无法代替。 You gave me the warm, anyone will not be replaced

  21、Sure certain and affirmation, I already fell in love with you.确定一定以及肯定,我已经爱上你。

  22、I have for you cry, from now on you do not deserve my smile.我曾为你哭过,从此你不配拥有我的微笑。

  23、Rest in the Hope. 还有希望。

  24、The memory of the past. 过去的回忆。

  25、Lost In dreams and reality. 在梦想和现实中迷失了。

  26、I can feel you near me. 我能感觉你就在我身边。

  27、I am a big winner,always winner.我是大赢家,永远的大赢家。

  28、Stop saying “I wish”, start saying “I will”.别再说“我希望”,开始说“我将要。

  29、Your name is such ordinary but it affects my mood all round. 你那么平凡的名字却影响我那么多的情绪。

  30、Do not say you love me, unless you really mean it.请不要轻易说爱我,除非你是认真的。

  31、I wish you loved me . 但愿你爱过我

  32、I am on your side, never leave[我在你身旁,未曾离开]

  33、He as smile is the world as most gentle strength.  (-他的笑是这世界上最温柔的力量。)

  34、The place where you once were is now just a big,gaping hole。 你曾在我心上,现在空了一个大洞。

  35、EXO//* you are the one in my life,you are the only one in my life °

  36、I am not ignoring you. I am just waiting for you to talk to me first. ------ 我不是不理你,我只是在等

  37、Is is no use crying over spilt milk.覆水难收

  38、Music is my painkiller.音乐就是我的止痛药

  39、The rain falls because the sky can not bear the weight of it.雨水落下来是因为天空无法承受它的重量

  40、2104, love you forever!!! -- 2104,爱你一世!!!

  41、without you I can be happy as usual 没有你我一样会很快乐

  42、The darkness is no darkness with thee. 有了你,黑暗不再是黑暗

  43、I am just a friend,and she is your everthing. 我只是一个朋友,而她成了你的一切。

  44、Hans your smile,had been flurried my time passag.谢谢你的微笑,曾慌乱过我的年华。

  45、My love will shine我的爱人会发光

  46、I did not stop loving you I just decidecided not to show my love 我没有停止爱你,我只是决定不再表现出来。

  47、I love you because I need you ,but because I want you . 我爱你不是因为我想要你,而是我需要你。

  48、I love you for long time 我喜欢你很久了。

  49、Tears are the words which the heart can not say. 眼泪是心无法诉说的话语。

  50、Can We Dance [ 这首歌,听完之后你肯定会回来的]